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Fast Shift to Digital

We are seeing consumers' fast-paced shift to digital, and Japan is not an exception. This means that marketers must make equally fast-shift to digital marketing. At Orchid Co., Ltd, we offer localized digital marketing service for overseas clients aiming to achieve quick and low-cost entry into Japan Market.

Conventional Media or Digital?

While consumers have already developed lifestyle to spend substantial time on digital media, marketers in Japan still have inclination to opt for conventional media and consumer event marketing. As most media in Japan do not accept direct deal with advertisers, if you want to promote through conventional media, you would probably need to work with agencies having global network covering Japan.

Do Words get in the way?

Yes! not only words but cost is the primary road blocks preventing Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) to enter Japan market. Biggest challenge facing SME planning to enter Japan market will be cost and language. Our team at Orchid are geared to provide you with solutions to resolve these road-blocks, and to quickly jump start your presence and sales in Japan market!

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    For a successful entry into Japan market,it is vital to identify the right target market and to team up with a right partner who can do the business ground work on your behalf.

    We at Orchid Co., Ltd are able to provide you with consultancy to grasp the market based on our corporate expertise. Our approach is based on “Act First” approach where service or product is introduced in the market at the initial stage using digital and social media, followed by analysis of impact on the market.

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    Launching of your product website can also identify whether your product is better fit for wholesale channel or direct e-commerce channel.

    Japanese traditional distribution system can be perplexing as many industries still base business on long-term relationships, which can become a “invisible red-tape”slowing down your entry process. Finding a good traditional wholesaler is one solution,but establishing your own channel through e-commerce can be another alternative.

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    There are myriads of trade shows and international conferences taking place in Japan. To have effective visit it is advisable to have a call plan to key target partners after the trade shows due to a simple fact: Most Japanese companies are not prepared to close deals during the event.

    During the business calls, it is also advisable to have your collaterals and presentations prepared in Japanese, in order to expedite collective decision makeing process of Japanese organization.

Our Strength Outlined

Orchid Co.,Ltd

  • Localized website: Localize your website into Japanese language
  • Marketing Analysis: Get your marketing facts for strategic planning
  • SNS management: operate your SNS in Japanese language
  • Off shore E-Commerce: Localize and optimize your E.C for Japan market
  • Bilingual sales team: overcome your language barriers witth Orchid staff
  • Brand Localization: Enhance your brand visibility in Japan market
  • Consultation: Consultation made to improve your performance
  • Penetration Support: Consumer event marketing & viral marketing